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An Important Announcement for Utah Write Subscribers

In the second week of July 2014, as in previous years, we reset the Utah Write courses. Reporting functions (student scores) will remain accessible until July 2015. Teachers and administrators who have active login credentials will be able to access and download historical performance data during this time. Students will no longer be able to submit essays for scoring and feedback. Instructional support and administrative features will also be inaccessible. Also, existing home schooled students will continue to have full access until July 2015 however no new home school accounts can be created.

In June, 2014, MI was awarded a new contract for the online formative writing test. This application, called Utah Compose, will be available to Utah users for grades 3-12 in October 2014. We have implemented a number of new features resulting in a new look and an enhanced user interface. We will be conducting web sessions and providing new video tutorials to familiarize you with the changes.

MI would like to thank the Utah State Office of Education and the thousands of users who have found value in Utah Write and have shared their thoughts, experiences and suggestions to make Utah Write such a successful program. We look forward to working with you as a member of the new Utah Compose community.

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